What is NYTOX Vampire Treatment®?

NYTOX Vampire Treatment® is an Integrated Skincare System developed by Maxine Waugh For the Protection, Rejuvenation & Treatment of the Skin.

NYTOX Vampire Treatment® address both the epidermis and dermis.

NYTOX Vampire Treatment® protects by applying white blood cells & anti-oxidants to the skin.

NYTOX Vampire Treatment® rejuvenates by introducing growth factors & stem cells into the skin.

NYTOX Vampire Treatment® treats Lines, Pigmentation, Scars & Hair Loss by increasing Cell Renewal Time, Stimulating Collagen, Telomerase and the natural Healing Mechanism of the Skin.

NYTOX Vampire Treatment® PROCESS, integrating the use of Activated Platelet Rich Plasma, Meso-Therapy and Micro Needle Rollers, makes it natural, unique and different from other Skin Therapy Systems. This exclusively facilitated the creation of a specific Indemnity Insurance product for Therapists.

Full TRAINING and continuing SUPPORT is provided to suitable candidates, I.E. doctors, dentists, nurses, beauticians, aestheticians, podiatrists.

An effortless SKIN CARE and PROTECTION regime is explained and available to clients.


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